The Vis-à-vis Society is dedicated to the poetic analysis of the everyday.

When we look in the mirror, we see 100 scientists in labcoats standing in a field of flowers.

We believe in song, dance, and live hot graphs.

We believe in the full range of human emotions.  The beauty of their data could break your heart.

We heart science.

We love to play the overhead projector, portable record player, autoharp. glockenspiel & accordion.  We love to sing in the multiple choice choir.

We believe in polka. We believe in robots. We believe in teaching each other to waltz. We believe in crying into telephones. We believe in secret calls from the broom closet. We believe in public payphones and drinking fountains. We believe in clog dancing down the shame quotient. We believe in better science through snacking.

We believe in you, because we are you.

The Vis-à-vis Society wants to know more about who people are, how they are experiencing, and why they live.

We hope our scientific work helps people have a good time, feel a range of emotions, learn something new about themselves and/or their fellow humans, be surprised at least once, laugh at least once, go away still thinking about something they saw/heard/experienced, and maybe dancing on the inside.

Polka is our vodka.

The Vis-à-Vis Society wants to bring its findings to people who like poetry and people who are afraid of poetry. People who like to sing and dance, and people who are afraid to sing and dance.  People who enjoy filling out surveys, and people who usually hate filling out surveys but find themselves surprised at how strange and delightful our surveys can be.

We have found a correlation between pocket utilization and our experience of jealousy.

We’d love to meet you in a park, bar, library or cafe.  We would like to learn how you dance around in your living room. We’d like to watch old films with you, quietly breathing.

We want to touch your analog technology.

Our hearts come equipped with VU meters. Our hive-minds hum collectively.

We are not afraid to be sad.  We hope we might make you laugh really really hard.

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