2nd Report from Occidental Park 9/17/14

Dr Ink and Dr Owning laid out a second graph, one week later, next to the first “Perception of Time-Speed in Relation to Distance from Optimal Position” self-graphing experiment in Seattle’s Occidental Park, as part of ARTSparks.


(photo credit: Robert Wade)

In these two poems formed from passerby answers to our survey questions, the people in the park report on Things That Spark and What Brings you to the Park:


Things That Spark


Friction and excitement.


An electronic connection between two people,

two people, two things, two thoughts, two events.

Instant, unexpected inspiration toward joy.

Friction, physical or metaphysical

Solar power acceleration.

Community coming to life.

A chemical reaction.


A match.

Everything and everyone I see.

If it’s at the right time, the spark will happen.

Two things colliding.

The intersection of two divergent beings.



The right things coming together at the right time.

Two objects colliding at a fast pace.

Shared art.


Energy, emotion, love.

Instant connection with people.

Food and life.

People who smile.

Energy exchange.

Some sort of emotion.



Many things!

NO idea.

Variety in life.


Love or flint,

a sharpness.

Baby smile

Two high energy particles coming close

Excitement and something new

Passion and drive

Anything – if struck in the right way.


What Brought Us to the Park


Checking out your beautiful city

‘Cause it’s fun

Catapulting lapse in time while falling into space

The farmer’s market and bread store

Destination coordination within prefabricated reasoning

A quick stroll through Seattle

Farmer’s market


Green space

I’m a neighbor

We were just walking around, while waiting for a friend and saw this beautiful park

Walking home from the doctor

We live just a block away

Art interactions!



Visiting from London for a friend’s wedding

Lunch with a friend


It is the center of good and evil

A walk with my family

Visiting on my way to Portland

Chess and friends

Free bus

Moving through time and space from woods to city to home

I am travelling

The farmer’s market today

Fruit and vegetable and love


Good Karma

Just walking by

Following, like sheep, a friend

Paternity leave

Spending time with family


Time and space conspiring


Walking path

Bike lanes

Visit to underground

Lunch at Pioneer Square

To drop off a slideshow

See some art

Just walked by


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