10 Tiny Dances

Dates: Oct 24-26, 2019
Location: On the Boards Theatre, Seattle, WA
Website: https://www.ontheboards.org/special-events/ten-tiny-dances
Dance Title: Four Years Ago the Future: We Built You This Time Machine and Change Is Messy But Somehow from the Cells We Were and Imaginal Possibility We Are Becoming Something New
Choreographer: Vis-à-Vis Society
Performers: Dr. Ink (Sierra Nelson) and Dr. Owning (Rachel Kessler)
Sound: Sonia Monet Saxon / Soundcloud DJ sonia monet
Notes: As we explored the 4×4 stage and the number 4, we realized a lot had gone down in our lives in the past 4 years. (Maybe you too?) We collaboratively wrote and danced our way into the number 4. We tried to build an invisibility cloak. We built a time machine cocoon. We learned that within the chrysalis, out of the dissolved cells of caterpillar soup, previously dormant “imaginal cells” start to develop the first idea of radical future form.

VAV - behind the scenes - 2 capes IMG_0218

Vis-a-Vis Society – Imaginal Cells Unite – 10 Tiny Dances

VAV - ten tiny dances - boots IMG_0030

Vis-a-Vis Society – Boots Chrysalis – 10 Tiny Dances

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