This video by the Vis-a-Vis Society debuted at the NEPO 5K Don’t Run on September 8th, 2012. It was created by Drs. Ink and Owning as an instructional demonstration for DOWN + HILL to encourage participants at the event.

At the start of the 5K course, participants checked in with the Vis-a-Vis Society to select one (1) unique verb for Going Down from a list of 580 verbs and phrases generated in the Vis-a-Vis Society laboratory. After selecting a unique verb, the participant then pinned the word onto his/her front or back for the duration of the 5K experience; each participant was also asked to demonstrate in some physical manner, at least once but preferably multiple times, the selected verb while on the course. The 2012 NEPO 5K Don’t Run traversed from Beacon Hill down to the International District in Seattle, beginning under a large banner created by the Vis-a-Vis Society which read: IT’S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE.

* Video Credits*
Scientists: Drs. Ink & Owning (a.k.a. Sierra Nelson and Rachel Kessler).
Intrepid Cameraperson for “Hill” sections: Britta Johnson.
Music: Kent Kessler.
Dog: Smudge.

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